San Diego Personal Injury Attorney for compensation Claims


When a person is hurt physically or mentally by someone is termed as personal injury by the state law.

The following are considered as personal injuries,

  • Auto/bicycle accident
  • Pedestrian/subway accident
  • Medical malpractice
  • Dog bites
  • Exposed to toxic environment
  • Defective products
  • Workplace accidents

The person who met an above said incident clearly faces strain at different scales which is to be compensated at the same scale because the individual person may lose the salary for few days or more, physical pain and mental stress. If the person faces strain rate at long term like physical disability or disfigure of organ means, the person needs the compensation for lifetime to cover the medical treatment for entire life. Here the victim requires a San Diego Personal Injury Attorney assist in claiming the compensation which includes so many complications like applying for the insurance claim, gathering the medical report and police complaint and case filing and travel.


If a person loses a loved one in an accident, here the compensation for children’s life and justice is at stake. The attorney assists the victim in filing the charge and taking it to the court and make sure the accused is punished and compensation for the secured life of victim.

The personal injury may happen at the workplace also. The employee may get hurt in slippery environment or when working in burning environment. When he gets hurt, he starts to struggle financially for few weeks. So a deserved compensation to be paid by the corporate. The corporate usually negotiates to the low and the San Diego Personal Injury Attorney assists in negotiation as well as back up the victim.  In the meantime, the victim is advised not to accept the compensation without the knowledge of the attorney. The entire compensation should be accepted after the case is resolved.

Role of a personal injury Attorney

  1. Gathering the evidence and witness of the crime scene
  2. Finding the medical facility to the client and document of report (Medical bills and treatment report at the early possible time)
  3. Communicating to the insurance company
  4. Providing legal consultancy (filling the insurance claim application and preparing the medical claim)
  5. Answering with proper document (justifying in court with prepared documents)
  6. All of the above, the attorney should ensure the maximum eligible compensation to the victim in the short time of period.