5 Important Questions to Ask Your Immigration Lawyer before Deciding to Hire Them


Choosing a reputable lawyer to handle your immigration case can be a hectic decision.

Below are questions to ask your prospective lawyer before hiring

  1. Ask to know how long they have been practicing law.

It is said, experience is the best teacher and this applies to many situations. When deciding to enroll an immigration lawyer, you should as to find out whether they have been pricing immigration law for how long. Their background and credentials are very important. Toronto immigration lawyers are very experienced and have served clients for many years, therefore, they can serve you well. It is good to choose someone who has real-world experience, in fact, a lawyer who specializes in immigration law is recommended. Remember, you might have a reputable lawyer who has been handling your cases before on other legal issues, for immigration choices they might not be suitable. Immigration law has its specifics that need someone who understands them well.

  1. How are you going to communicate with me and how frequently?

This is a crucial question that you need to ask. Remember without regular communication you will be left without any idea of how the process is going and therefore, chances are that you might not be in a position to know what next. Although there are some immigration applications that require some months or even a year to be processed thus they don’t need much any much communication from your immigration lawyer, but your lawyer must let you know how you can reach them and how frequently to keep you updated when need arises.  In short, your immigration lawyer should always be available.

  1. Ask the lawyer if he has an experience with cases similar to yours.

Hiring a lawyer who has experience and has handled similar cases to yours will increase the chances of your application being accepted and succeeding. This is because the lawyer will have a better understanding of how to deal with your case and maneuver any possible obstructions. This is particularly crucial for specific matters like business immigration or asylum. If your potential lawyer has not handled a case similar to yours, ask them why they think they can be the best selection to represent you.

  1. Do you have referrals or references?

Getting other clients who have been helped by our prospective lawyer is another good thing. Contacting them and speaking with them will give you an unbiased account of the lawyer’s capabilities.  If your potential lawyer does an incredible work with his other clients, there are likely many prior clients who were contented with the work of the immigration lawyer. Although in the legal field much information is usually confidential, it is possible for some immigration lawyers to have some testimonials or thank you letters posted on their site or even online reviews to show.

  1. Ask to know how your prospective lawyer will begin the case if you hire them

A proficient immigration lawyer will be able to give you an outline of how they will go about with the entire process. If the immigration lawyer seems to have no idea about where they can start, you should think of looking for someone else to handle your case. This question will also help you know if they are passionate, well-informed, and driven enough to get you an optimistic outcome.


These are very important questions to ask your prospective immigration lawyer to ensure they will be able to deal with your case with the best promising care and consideration. If you have any doubts based on the way they answer, then you should seek a second opinion.