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Employees are prone to back injuries. Almost all employees have to bend, lift something and twist as part of their job but there are some specific kind of workers who are more prone to injuries. Nursing assistant, freight and stock movers, construction workers, laborers, heavy tractor-trailer truck drivers, janitors, assembly line workers, delivery workers, airport workers, baggage workers and warehouse employees are more likely to be affected from injuries.

Injuries are caused by overuse and overexertion. Some of the employees can sustain these injuries after they fall from a great height or they are caught in a car accident. Back injuries can turn out to be the most painful. They are also very difficult to treat, and can result in further complications.

There are around twenty six bones in your spine. These are known as vertebrae. When any of the bones are damaged, the injured parties may suffer from pain as well as limited mobility. Lumber sprains are caused by tearing of fibers in your spine. It leads to spasms as well as inflammation. It makes it difficult to lift or stand objects. Then there are herniated discs that can occur when the soft discs which cushion the vertebrae get ruptured. It can result in back pain as well as nerve damage.

Bulging disks is a problem. It happens when a weakened disc extends out of a crevice in your spine. As a result pressure is exerted on the surrounding nerves. You may suffer from chronic back pain and discomfort. Fractures in your spine can cause spinal cord damage as well as paralysis. It is caused by a sudden blunt force trauma. It can make you disable and can hamper you from doing work. If you are suffering from any of the above mentioned injuries, you need special treatments. And most of these treatments are expensive. But there is no need to worry about. If you are in Georgia, you are entitled to workers’ compensation against all these injuries. It doesn’t matter if these injuries are caused by a car accident or lifting of heavy objects for a prolonged period of years.

People who suffer from these kind of injuries cannot do any work until they are completely fine. They have to pay for the hospital bills and medicine. The treatment is not inexpensive. You have to pay a heavy sum. Moreover you have to suffer from loss of wages. At the start you may be thinking that you will be fine within a week but later on you realize that one week will turn into two weeks and then two months. These injuries need time to heal. In Georgia, you can get weekly income benefits. Up to 400 weeks you can get two thirds of your average weekly wage. You will also receive medical expenses. But to do all that you need an expert attorney who can present your claim in such a way that it will not get rejected. And attorneys at Spillers Law Firm can help you in getting the compensation you deserve.