Filing a Lawsuit Against Xarelto, How to Choose the Right Attorney?


Many people nowadays are easily susceptible to natural internal blood clots that are dangerous and can cause much harm to the body. To stop these clots from forming people are prescribed blood thinning drugs that make sure that there are no clots created naturally in the blood vessels. One of the most popular blood thinners that are being used by people these days is Xarelto.

It’s a new drug which has benefited people by limiting the formation of thrombin, which is the main reason why blood clot happens in people. However, recently there have been many cases reported by the people who claim to have been suffering from excessive bleeding caused by the side effects of the drug. This has led to thousands of people filing lawsuits against the creators of Xarelto.

Who can file a lawsuit against Xarelto?

As the Topic is xarelto and the lawsuits filed against it, anyone who believes that their bodies are adversely affected by Xarelto are entitled and eligible to file a lawsuit against it. However, this doesn’t mean that every claim that everyone does will be viable for a legal hearing. There are certain conditions that can make your lawsuit viable against the creators of the drug.

Here are some of the conditions that could make your case viable:

  • If you’re having serious internal bleeding in any organ then your lawsuit is completely acceptable.
  • If you had a knee or hip replacement and now you’re suffering from infections due to the drug.
  • If by any chance you’re having internal bleeding in thebrain.
  • If you’ve suffered from strokes or pulmonary embolism due to the drug.

Aforementioned are some of the conditions that are completely viable to file a lawsuit against the manufacturers of Xarelto.

If you’re eligible to file a viable lawsuit and you’re planning to do that as well, here’s how you can find the right attorney for your case:

Narrow down your options

Before getting out to find a good attorney, it’s recommended that you make sure to narrow down your search only for attorneys that deal with this specific domain. This will help you get a good and experienced lawyer who has worked in the same field and has handled similar cases.

Ask for experience

You should make sure that the attorney that you choose has prior experience and has handled similar cases in the past. For this, you can directly ask the law firm about the same or can search online for attorneys having good prior experience.

Look into the background

Once you have chosen a firm or an attorney, it’s recommended that you do a little research about them and look into their background. This will help you get a rough idea about how efficient they are.