How Husbands Can Protect Themselves against Financial Claims in a Divorce Case


It is really difficult not to know where to turn when faced with a legal issue, especially divorce. Coming to a decision and sticking with it is equally challenging. Finding a trusted lawyer who respects your feelings and emotions is yet a difficult task. With numerous lawyers in Dubai, finding the right one is quite a job. Divorce comes with a whole lot of legal proceedings like the alimony, child custody, child support and the like. The most important question that arises in the case of a divorce is the financial claims. However, there are a number of ways for husbands to protect themselves against financial claims in a divorce case.

  • Getting loans: The one main thought that a husband has in the case of a divorce is to minimize the financial claim settlement. One obvious way is to obtain loans like personal loans, including credit cards, mortgages, credit lines, car financing and the like. This increases your liabilities, and you can claim that due to this increased liabilities, you are unable to pay the financial settlement raised by the wife. The judge is expected to value your assets and liabilities before deciding the financial settlements.
  • Spending money on other family members: It is an age old myth that the man of the family should support his parents, siblings or other family members if they need financial support. So this trick works just fine. Spending the money for other family members or transferring money to other members in the presence of a witness is a viable solution to reduce the financial claim settlements in case of a divorce.
  • Declaring a lower income: This age old ploy is something done by any husband to reduce the financial settlement amount. He can claim that his income is low, while it is not true. He can do this verbally in the law of court or produce a lower salary certificate from his employer.
  • Providing wife’s income: Proving that wife’s income is more than theirs is an intelligent step towards reducing the financial claim settlement. Often the husband claims financial settlements owing to the higher income of the wife. However, this does not always work. In certain states, all the financial needs of the wife are rested upon the husband’s shoulder regardless of the financial status of his wife.

It is just sad that marriages go wrong and end up in divorce. However, this should not affect the future lives of either party. So a clean break is essential so that the parties no longer have any obligations and this is when a legal confirmation and arrangements come to play. A court order is passed in such a way that neither of the parties are at a potential loss. Though certain ploys are done, the final verdict is obeyed irrespective of the actual status.

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