Importance Of Hearings In A Divorce Case


The initial hearing in a divorce proceeding is one of the most emotional, difficult legal proceedings in law. Two people have joined together for what amounts to decades in the most difficult cases. They have lives that are so intertwined it can take months or even years to sort through everything and have a judge decide the divisions and contentious points of the marriage. Sometimes property, children, and businesses are even combined into what makes for a very emotional case.

The first hearing you attend after filing for divorce is a preliminary hearing. During this time, the facts of the marriage are put before the judge and both sides present their cases. It’s very rare for a judge to make any concrete decisions during a preliminary hearing. Most divorces are very complex and have points of disagreement that will require more than one hearing. In the rare instance that both spouses agree on every area of the divorce – alimony, child custody, child support, visitation, division of property – the judge can make a concrete decision and both parties can proceed forward. This almost never happens in divorce law.

Hearings will be scheduled sometimes when both spouses are not able to attend the hearing. In the event that this happens, one spouse can ask through their lawyer that the hearing be rescheduled. If this happens, there’s even a hearing to see if the hearing should be rescheduled. This shows just how important the hearing is to sorting out the legal differences in a divorce case.

A divorce lawyer in Lake Forest IL can handle all of the hearings in your divorce case. This lawyer will be your best friend throughout what is probably the most difficult and painful time of your life. You need to be able to trust this lawyer with every last detail of your life, and you need to trust that they’re going to aggressively pursue YOUR interests. A divorce lawyer isn’t a mediator. They’re not there to see both sides of the story. A good divorce lawyer will put their client before everything else, even if the other side might have valid points on some things.

Before filing for divorce, it’s a wise idea to have a lawyer at your side during EVERY hearing. Don’t blindside them. Contact them before filing and be ready for those hearing dates.