Preparing For A Child Support Hearing


If you have made the decision to separate from a spouse or a partner and you have a child together, then you might want to consider filing for child support. This is a payment that is made by the absent parent to the custodial parent. The money that is received from child support is to be used to provide the support needed for the child, such as clothing, food, and shelter. It can also be used for school funds or functions. A family lawyer Centennial Colorado office can help you prepare for what could happen with the child support hearing. The attorney will know how to approach the other parent and know how to calculate what should be ordered for child support payments. If you aren’t satisfied with the findings, then your attorney can work to try to get a modification ordered so that you get the amount that you deserve based on incomes of both parents and the needs of the child.

You will usually receive information in the mail about your court date and what you need to take with you. This information is usually sent to you by the Department of Social Services. If you have any questions about what might take place, then talk to your attorney. Try to read the letter, wait for a few minutes, and read the letter again to get an idea as to what is being requested of you. There will be forms that you must complete before the child support hearing. Some of the forms that you complete deal with the income that you have and the amount of what you pay each month. Be honest on these forms. If you make more than the other parent, then it could have an impact on how much support is ordered, but if you have more than one child, then this could be a factor as well and could possibly result in more money received. Don’t be late to your hearing because you might have questions about what could happen with your case. Try to be realistic about the outcome, not thinking that you’re going to get a large amount of money when the other parent might not even have a job.