Using Legal Avenues to End Your Marriage


Getting married is relatively easy compared to getting a divorce. A marriage license typically only costs a few dollars, and most people can get married at no cost at the local courthouse. You can still get married even if you have the most modest of budgets.

In contrast, getting a divorce can be expensive, time consuming, and difficult when you pursue this legal action on your own. Everyone has the right to go to court to file their own paperwork.

However, you have to pay for the filing fees, which can cost more money than you have. You also may not file the papers right the first time and have to go through the process of completing, filing, and paying for them all over again.

When you want to get through the legal process as quickly and affordably as possible, you may find it best to retain the services of someone who is highly trained and ready to assist you today. A Tampa divorce attorney, legal assistance firm, or family law firm could be your most valuable ally when you want to end your marriage legally and without spending too much money.

Streamlined Process

Filing for divorce can be complicated when you have children, marital assets, and support issues to resolve. The court requires all of the necessary paperwork to be filed on time and in a manner that complies with the legal requirements of the county or state.

Rather than get bogged down trying to figure out this process alone, you could hand it off to a lawyer who is trained in this area of law. Your lawyer will streamline the process and make it as fast and simple as possible. This streamlined process saves you money on court costs, attorney fees, and other expenses.

Legal Outcome You Want

Another reason to hire an attorney to assist you involves getting the legal outcome you want. The court must by law consider both petitions from you and your spouse. Each case must be given equal weight in court.

Your lawyer can argue effectively for your case and highlight your particular needs to the judge. The judge will be given evidence to back up your argument, which can help you get the spousal support, visitation, or custodial rights for which you are asking the court. You may not achieve the same results if you go to court without legal representation.