You Need To Know The Risk Of Slip And Fall Accident At A Hotel


Since summer is fast approaching, some people are already planning to have a vacation in Atlanta. They might go somewhere else in the city to enjoy some outdoor activities, or to visit one of the best museums and cultural attractions in the city. They will book a room in a cozy hotel which has positive reviews online and check-ins for their stay.

Results can bring severe damages

After a day of fun, they will come back to the hotel to relax at night. Then a guy decides to get a drink from a vending machine and realizes that he have to go downstairs. As he walks down the steps, a torn carpet causes the person to trip over the steps of the stairs.

The person fell off the stairs. And it turns out, that there has been a broken bone, an injury at the back, and some sprains and strains everywhere. He has to spend days in the hospital.

The entire vacation was already ruined, and there will be expensive bills for the hospital stay, x-rays, physical therapy, orthopedic surgery to fix the broken bone, and visits to the family doctor for follow-up at home. He also lost a lot of time from work because of the injuries.

Hotels responsibilities

Hotels and motels are responsible for keeping their premises safe for their visitors. If they noticed some dangerous conditions on their facilities and did not do anything to fix the problem or warn the guests about the danger, then they are already guilty of negligence.

If the operator or hotel owner is aware that the carpet is torn on the stairs that might cause someone to trip and fall, and fails to correct the problem or warn people by posting a sign or notice, that could not be considered reasonable. The hotel management should check and fix any problem with their premises to prevent slip and fall accidents.


As one of the major cities in America, Atlanta is a major tourist destination which has a lot of hotels and motels serving many guests who travel to the city to enjoy the views and the culture of the city. Hotels should always keep their premises safe so that people can be confident with their stay.