Thinking Of Hiring an Employment Lawyer? – Ask These Questions


Employment lawyers Toronto help in numerous cases such as wrongful termination, poor or lack of compensation, workplace abuse and employment rights among other numerous roles. Are you an employee and would want someone to help you to handle your workplace cases? Seek help from an employment lawyer who is a specialist in employment law to address the issues on your behalf in order for you to get justice.

As an employee, you are likely to be faced with lawsuits fromyourself and your boss. The reason for these lawsuits is that, first, you put your trust on your employer that they will take care of you and pay you as per your agreement for the work you do but as time goes by, you find your rights as an employee are being violated. You decide to hire an employment lawyer to represent you. Do you know how you can get the best employment lawyer? If not, this post has some of the important questions that you should ask your employment attorney.

  1. Are you a specialist in employment law?

Today, there are many lawyers out there who can represent you in your cases. However, every lawyer is an expert in their own field. There are numerous law firms who will claim to know how to represent people in employment cases in their adverts, but their expertise in family law, personal injury or even other practice that’s not even related to employment. Your case has zero chances of success if you hire the wrong lawyer to represent you in your case. A lawyer who is a specialist in employment law is knowledgeable of the ins and outs of your case and has higher chances of delivering good results.

  1. Have you ever represented a client with a similar case as mine before?

Every state has its own employment law. It is good to ensure your employment lawyer has handled a similar case before. If the lawyer has never, then it will be difficult for him/her to represent you since more has to be taken into account when dealing with your case and it is good to hire someone who knows where to start and where to stop. In short a lawyer who has handled a similar case knows what to expect, than someone who is doing it as the first task.

  1. Are you experienced in employment law?

Yes, there is a saying that goes, “experience is the best teacher”. A lawyer with experience in employment law stands a higher chance of delivering good results. The employment law has its subsets of legal matters which includes sexual harassment, employee compensation, and unlawful termination just to mention a few. An experienced lawyer has a high probability that he/she has dealt with similar cases before. Remember when arguing your case against an employer who has more years in operation is very hard and requires a layer who is also experienced and has practiced employment law for a long period of time.

A lawsuit is something that must be taken seriously and needs someone who is knowledgeable in every aspect of employment law. Therefore, if you are thinking of hiring a lawyer, ensure to ask the necessary burning questions that you have in your mind.